If you have a prior DWI conviction within ten years and are arrested again for a DWI in Brooklyn, you can be charged with a Felony DWI. Felony DWI cases are indicted by the Grand Jury,and are prosecuted in Brooklyn Supreme Court. If charged with a felony and convicted, state jail time is a real possibility as well as a loss of license for over one year.

Often a plea deal can be worked out before the case is indicted, thus avoiding a felony conviction which is a seriously damaging event. All violations of New York DWI DUI Laws are prosecuted by the Grand Jury Bureau in each County District Attorney’s Office. DWI DUI prosecutors in the Criminal Court Bureau handle the trials for DWI DUI cases. New York City Felony DWI DUI defense lawyer, Mr. Discioarro worked as a prosecutor in the New York City for nearly five years. He understands how the office handles DWI DUI cases and is familiar with many of the DWI DUI prosecutors in the office.

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